Most of us think of Windows when we think of Microsoft. Yet the company's cloud computing platform, Azure, is increasingly becoming a bigger part of our lives, and part of some unusual headline-grabbing projects. The 2022 Microsoft Azure Architect & Administrator Exam Certification Prep Bundle will show you how to get certified, and you can do it for less during our ongoing Cyber Monday Sale.

Mastering Azure

Each of these courses is taught by people who work with Azure every day, including certified cloud architect Scott Duffy (4.5/5 star instructor rating), e-learning pioneer Ben Stretcha (4.5/5 star instructor rating), and automation expert Vijay Saini (4.3/5 star instructor rating). Each course is built around both the exam to get certified in an aspect of Azure and their personal experience with the platform, so you'll not only learn what you need to know to ace the test but also gain practical experience with real-world challenges you'll run into in the workplace.

Getting Certified

If you're completely new to Azure, the bundle starts with three courses that get you up to speed. First, you'll learn the basics of the platform in a course designed for non-programmers, before moving on project-based training to develop your skills, and a course on working with its file storage structure.

From there, you can work your way up the certification ladder, starting with the foundational AZ-900. Practicing for this exam will help you hone your skills before moving on to the others, including AZ-104, AZ-204, and AZ-303 and 304. Each class will build on the last, returning to skills you've already learned and showing you new applications, while showing you what the exam will demand of you and how to knock it out of the park. Whether you're working with Azure every day, or want to build a new career, getting certified will help you get more out of the cloud.

Get the 2022 Microsoft Azure Architect & Administrator Exam Certification Prep Bundle for $12 (reg. $1800) with code CMSAVE70.

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