While none of us will ever beat a computer, the delight of going brain-to-brain against a fellow human in chess can't be overstated. Chess helps you think tactically, approach problems by looking at the long term, and it's also a lot of fun. Yet mastering it can be tough, especially on your own. Fortunately, the Ultimate Beginner to Grandmaster Chess Course Bundle is here to take you from amateur to demolisher of the Sicilian, and currently you can do it for $89.99, 87% off the MSRP.

Becoming The Grandmaster

Taught by grandmasters, each of these course bundles — 137 hours in all — show you how to dominate at chess.

New to the game? Start with Chess for Beginners, which walks you through chess strategy in each step of the game. You'll learn about opening attacks, how to control the center of the board, how to play the middlegame to thwart your opponent, aggressive and positional playstyles, and how to deliver on the endgame.

If you're more familiar with chess, try Advanced Chess Strategy. Over 44 hours, this explores how to overhaul your chess game and become more effective, with four courses exploring the Sicilian defense, endgame shortcuts, and 80/20 tactics to create problems that your opponent needs to solve, while you focus on winning.

For those who love chess and are looking to move up to grandmaster, the bundle wraps up with Road To Chess Mastery. These courses look at how to hone your game when you've got a lot to do, how to make use of positional chess strategies, and delve into the latest endgame techniques in the chess world.

Learning the Game of Kings is easy, and mastery is a constant intellectual challenge. The Ultimate Beginner to Grandmaster Chess Course Bundle can build your game and keep it sharp, and at $89.99, 87% off, it's even a smart fiscal move.

Prices subject to change.

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