The new London-startup, Thriva, now makes it possible for people to proactively keep track of their health with a quick prick of the finger.

The home finger-prick blood test allows patients to track a range of internal blood markers associated with good or bad health, including cholesterol levels and tests for liver and kidney function

“Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. In reality though, getting access to some of the most impactful and motivating information there is — data about how you’re really doing on the inside — is broken,” Thriva co-founder and CEO Hamish Grierson says.

He explains that people usually wait until they’re sick before getting checked, and it has resulted in a reactive health paradigm.


Lifestyle Changes

The Thriva kit comes with a set of clear instructions and several spare lancets in case patients have trouble drawing enough blood. After the home test, the consumer would mail the blood sample back to Thriva’s partner lab to be analyzed. The results are reviewed by an actual physician and then will be uploaded to the Thriva platform where the patient will receive a custom report and recommendations, explaining what lifestyle changes to make to have better health.

Grierson says their test is designed to help people understand what impact their lifestyle is having on their body. The specific testing of cholesterol levels, kidney function, and liver function will allow the reviewing doctor to give individualized instruction each consumer can use to improve their overall health and wellness. Moving forward, the company plans to create kits that can test energy levels, vitamin D deficiency, and fertility.

The startup also plans to launch a corporate product for employers that want to offer employees something a bit more affordable than many of the current employee health benefit products available.

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