Amazon Prime Day is Amazon's attempt to turn a randomly selected day in the middle of the summer into a shopping day on par with Black Friday or the panicked night before Mother's Day. And to do it they're not just rolling out an avalanche of epic deals exclusively for subscribers to Amazon Prime, but unveiling a star-studded Prime Day Concert fronted by Taylor Swift as well. We're more concerned with the former in this space, though, as it will serve as your one-stop guide for our favorite Amazon prime day deals.

The page will be updated throughout the day, so keep checking back to find more of the coolest bargains that Prime Day has to offer.

If you're not yet a subscriber to Amazon Prime, now might be a good time to check and see if you can get a free month of the service to try it out, and rake in all these Amazon Prime Day deals. Here we go:

Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019

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