Snapchat is partnering with artist Jeff Koons to introduce a new augmented reality project this week that will allow its users to project and view his sculptures at various places around the world. These places include Central Park in New York, Roundhouse Park in Canada, and the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

The tech behind the project, called Artwork All Around You, is similar to what enables the app's popular dancing hot dog. As TechCrunch explains, while users are using the Snapchat app and near one of Koons' virtual pieces, they'll see a special Snapchat Lens on screen. Users will then be directed to look at a particular spot in the area until the white location marker is on display, which will then be replaced by the art sculpture.

"Discover Koons’ innovative digital installations scattered across the world to experience them for yourself, and learn a little more about them," reads the Snapchat Art page related to the project. Koons' art pieces include Balloon Dog, Balloon Rabbit, Balloon Popeye, and Play-Doh.

At Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit on October 2, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel said he wants to inspire people with the new project, saying, “the fact we can bring these ginormous sculptures anywhere in the world is just the beginning of inspiring young people all over the world to create with our cameras.”

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