One of the most ambitious engineering undertakings ever conceived will begin in 2016 in Quay Valley, located between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The brand new city will be entirely solar powered and its 7500-acre stretch of land will be connected by Elon Musk’s advanced transportation system, the Hyperloop. Quay Valley is a project of GROW Holdings (Green Renewable Organic and Water), which seeks to achieve complete sustainability through advances in renewable energy, organic farming, and water preservation. The city is projected to open in 2018, with 25,000 self-sufficient homes and an operational Hyperloop system.

The Way of the Future

The Hyperloop Transportation System will run along a 5-mile stretch around Quay Valley, will function as a proof-of-concept for what its developers call “the fifth mode of transportation.” GROW CEO Quay Hays says, "With Quay Valley, we're creating a community built on economical, environmental and social sustainability, and part of this is seeking to reduce car dependency. For these reasons, the Hyperloop is the ideal clean community transit system for Quay Valley."

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