You Can Now Buy and Ship a Home on Amazon

And it's rather affordable too.

10. 23. 17 by Dom Galeon
Image by Amazon

If you occasionally browse Amazon for new items, you might’ve stumbled upon a peculiar looking shipping container with a door and some windows. And yes, that’s a pre-fabricated house and you can order it online from Amazon.

Technically made of out a shipping container, this tiny home is fully functional. Image Credit: Amazon

This piece of cargotecture — a very real word that refers to architecture created from cargo crates, a practice that supposedly started sometime in the early 2000s — is made by MODS International, a company specializing in repurposing shipping containers. For a little over $40,000, you can have a fully-insulated, 320-square-foot home shipped directly to you — customizable and complete with a built-in kitchen, bath, and appliance fixtures. The prefab home can easily be connected to utilities like electricity and water and it even comes fully heated and air-conditioned.

Inside the fully customizable home. Image Credit: Amazon

Admittedly, the homes are tiny.  But as available living space becomes a concern in many urban areas, investing in a pre-fabricated, compact home might not be such a bad idea. Compared to the housing options in places like Hong Kong and Tokyo, like the aptly-named “coffin homes,” this home is a livable size. The cost is also attainable, and being available online is a big advantage. The best part is, according to Apartment Therapy, recycling shipping containers into houses is an environmentally friendly way to live.

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