A Tiny Drive

Samsung has just created the world’s largest capacity SSD, which they unveiled at the Flash Memory Summit in California last year. Today, the brand has announced that the SSDs have started shipping.

Measuring only at 2.5 inches, the device packs 16 TB (15.36 TB to be exact). But no word yet as to how much it will cost.

If you’re wondering how Samsung was able to pack so much memory capacity into a very tiny package, it’s because they stacked 512 pieces of 256 GB vertical NAND memory chips. The manufacturer promises that users will easily be able to cram data into the drive, and they assert that it is equipped to protect data and restore software in case of power outages.

A Huge Amount of Storage
Image Credit: Associated Press; Golem.de

Quite frankly, it’s unlikely that users using the SSD for personal reasons will be able to use up the massive storage available. It’s being marketed as an enterprise product because this will allow businesses to fit more drives in their server racks versus using 3.5 inch drives.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking a drive for basic consumer use, keep an eye out for upcoming Samsung products in the pipeline from the 2.5 inch PM1633a SSD line-up.

According to reports, Samsung is also set to release drives packing 7.68 TB, 3.84 TB, 1.92 TB, 960 GB and 480 GB capacities, which will also be a lot more affordable than the 16 TB version that they just release.


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