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We’ve written many great articles that detail time. We talked about how we know it exists, its function in entropy, when it came into being etc. However, one theory suggests that time doesn’t exist at all. This hypothesis postulates that instead of time  being an absolute part of the spacetime continuum, or the “fourth dimension,” time is a needless and arbitrary human construct.

Similarly, proponents of this theory believe that the natural world can better be explained if we remove time from the equation and start thinking of it as the numerical order of change instead.  This idea is favorable to a lot of laypeople, but most scientists generally dismiss the notion without much thought.

In this video, New Scientist discusses time and how it operates in relation to space and the physics of our universe (what we understand and what we are still missing). Ultimately, in order to understand the laws that govern our universe, and develop a valid "theory of everything," we need to understand the true nature of time. So take a moment to get to know it a little better:

Watch: Why Space and Time Have A Secret Connection

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