Do you love science and writing? FQTQ is looking to expand its staff, and you can help. We are looking to add writers to a limited number of paid positions. If you're interested in applying, see the requirements listed below.


Writers must have a solid understanding of the English language. They should be able to construct grammatically correct sentences and write several coherent, interesting, and original paragraphs in the form of a news release/informative article etc.

Form and content may vary (make a "Top 10" list, write a piece about a news story, or write an article on a particular animal, cosmic object etc.). In short, articles are open to anything science-related.

Plagiarism is not tolerated.

Writers should also be skilled at researching their topics (again, any field of science is acceptable, but topic must be supported by peer reviewed articles or other credible sources).

To apply, please submit an article consisting of at least 500 words written on topic of your choosing. Please send this submission to with the subject line WRITING SUBMISSION. Links to sources should be included at the bottom of the article. A resume or CV is welcome, but not required. Please send submissions by Sunday, October 19.

If you have any further questions, you can inquire at the aforementioned email address.

We are looking to add several writers, so the number of weekly articles that you are being asked to produce is minimal. Ideally, we would like two submissions a week. More will be welcome.

Thank you for your interest. We will try to respond to all applications within 48 hours of receiving it.

~From Quarks to Quasars

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