Astronaut Don Pettit, who, in a blog for NASA, conducts a number of different experiments in microgravity, once had the idea to demonstrate how water droplets behave in space. So he decided to pack appropriately, bringing 3 different knitting needles with him on the ISS. What happens is really quite amazing. You must see for yourself.

WATCH: "Zero Gravity - Water Droplets Orbit Knitting Needle"

The three different knitting needles are made of nylon, teflon and polyethylene. The image is of the teflon needle, after it has been rubbed with a piece of paper to give it a negative charge. The droplets are squeezed out of a syringe, losing their electrons along the way and acquiring a positive charge. The resulting combination of microgravity and electric charge cause most droplets to freely be tugged around the knitting needle, like clear and tiny planets.

 You can see many more experiments here.

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