Think that you have a difficult commute to work? Try working on a guided tower. In order to do their job, the men and women who work here need to scale up a death-defying 1,700 feet (that's 518 meters). In this video, you can see what this commute looks like, and also learn a number of fascinating facts about the safety precautions that are taken, how the towers are constructed etc.

These towers are taller than many of the tallest buildings in the world (as the above image shows).

Ultimately, we need people to complete these tasks in order to ensure the proper functioning of transmission lines. A transmission line is a material medium (or a structure) that forms a path for directing the transmission of energy from one place to another. They are used for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, distributing cable television signals, and computer network connections. So the next time you get online (like right now, for example), be sure to think of these brave men and women.

(personally, I think it looks like an awesome job, but that's just me.)

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