The Flash

Yet another breakthrough in the era of the robot—Barry Allen, watch out! Australian company, Fastbrick Robotics, has created The Flash of the construction industry with a brick-laying and gluing speed of 1000 bricks per hour.

The company released a time-lapse video of its machine, the Hadrian X, showcasing its brick-laying capabilities. As seen from the video, the machine finished building the entire shell of a house in an astonishing two days, effectively increasing its user's construction efficiency.

Still with Precision

Moreover, by following a 3D computer aided design of the house structure, the machine precisely handles all the automatic loading cutting, routing and placement of all the bricks, with an accuracy of less than 0.5 mm, according to the company.

Having a vision of making improvements in the areas of speed, accuracy, safety, and waste, the company is now set to awe the construction world. This reduction in the construction time will allow for greater flexibility and time/cost savings to builders and their respective customers.


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