Been watching a lot of adult videos lately? Overall viewing stats for the last several months likely tell quite a story (of a slightly stressed-out, quarantined world). And from the looks of it, that upward trend is bound to continue. But maybe not the way you think.

That's because VR sex is quickly changing from science fiction into a real-world fact. And the Titan VR from KIIROO is an ultra-realistic — yet affordable — option that's leading the way.

What is the KIIROO Titan? Put simply, it’s the world’s first interactive vibrating stroker, and it will completely change the way you watch adult videos. As the product’s own website puts it, you’ll be able to actually feel what you see and desire with a level of realism that really can’t be believed until you try it for yourself.

That experience comes courtesy of the Titan’s nine vibrating motors, spread across three strategically placed rows of bullets within the device’s real-feel sleeve. Those motors offer an unparalleled level of sensitivity thanks to the Titan’s touch sensitive pads. And thanks to its compatibility with other Titan devices, you can even hand that control over to a partner who is thousands of miles away (but will feel like they’re in the room with you).

The Titan VR Experience: Everything You Need To Explore VR Sex


The Titan VR Experience is a one-stop shop for everything you need to get optimum fulfillment from thousands of videos (both in full virtual reality and conventional 2D). It uses synchronized vibrations to make you feel like you’re in the middle of the action. You get not just the Titan itself, but a pair of virtual reality goggles, a bottle of KIIROO Aqua Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant, and a bottle of KIIROO Pure Premium Toy Cleaner.

The time has never been better to expand your horizons in the world of erotic entertainment. And the Titan VR Experience by KIIROO is definitely the best way to explore this new terrain for the first time. The whole KIIROO Titan VR Experience can be yours at the special price of $199, with free (and discreet) shipping and handling. The included VR goggles are compatible with most major smartphones, and boasts high-quality ABS and 42mm diameter spherical resin lens material for minimal visual distortion and maximum immersive magnification.

So if you’re ready -- or at least as ready as you’re going to be -- to enter the world of VR sex, head over to KIIROO and order your own Titan VR Experience now.

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