Adult video content has been around for decades, but there’s never been a better, more bounteous, or exciting time to explore its technological limits. The most exciting things in the industry are now happening in virtual reality, and it can be pretty intimidating if you’re trying to find a good way to begin exploring the frontiers of VR sex. Unless, of course, you’re familiar with the KIIROO Titan VR Experience, which gives you everything you need to become a VR sex pioneer at a ridiculously affordable price.

The centerpiece of the Titan VR Experience bundle from KIIROO is the Titan itself, the first and best interactive vibrating stroker available on the market today. If you enjoy the sexual sensation of intense vibrations inside a real-feel sleeve, the Titan will change the way you enjoy adult video content forever. The vibrations provided by the Titan’s strategically placed bullet-shaped motors each represent their own especially convincing argument for why you don’t really have to leave your house ever again, and its touch-sensitive control pads give you an unparalleled level of control over your own Titan experience.

The KIIROO Titan VR Sex Bundle: Priced Now At Just $180


On its own, the Titan is a game-changer for enjoying adult video content at home. But when used in conjunction with the included virtual reality headset, it becomes the key to a completely immersive experience. You might not realize it if you’ve never used an interactive stroker like the Titan before, but there are thousands of pieces of video content out there with programmed vibration sequences that allow your device to vibrate along with the action. There are new interactive videos (both for virtual reality and more traditional 2-D) being made all the time. Before too long, you might find yourself wondering how you ever managed to enjoy adult video the old way.

Having said that, traditional adult video content is pretty tough to beat when you’ve got the power of the Titan at your fingertips. Even with no video at all, the Titan is a pretty great way to enjoy yourself at home. And if you’ve got a companion with a Titan, you can sync them up over the Internet and enjoy complete intimacy by letting them control every sensation you feel through the Titan, and vice-versa.

The Titan VR Experience is designed to be an easy, one-stop purchase for anybody interested in the possibilities of virtual reality sex. For just $180 at the KIIROO online store, you get the Titan itself, the VR headset which is compatible with any standard smartphone, a bottle of KIIROO Aqua Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant, and a bottle of KIIROO Pure Premium Toy Cleaner. In short, you'll have everything you need to get started with the nearly limitless supply of interactive adult videos that are already out there. And it’s all shipped discreetly to your door, free of charge.

So if you're ready to explore the outer edge of what’s possible in VR sex, the KIIROO Titan VR Experience is a must-buy. Head over to the KIIROO online store now and check it out for yourself.

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