There's no question that we're living in a golden age for adult video content. But even with all the videos for your viewing enjoyment, it's possible or even perhaps inevitable that you would grow bored with the status quo, and seek some new way to take your adult video experience to the next level. Virtual reality sex is that next level, and the KIIROO Titan VR Experience, gives you everything you need to explore it to the fullest.

The centerpiece of the Titan VR Experience by KIIROO is the Titan itself, the world's first and best interactive vibrating stroker. If you're the type of person that can enjoy intense vibrations within a real-feel sleeve like those created by the Titan's strategic array of bullet-shaped motors, you might just consider the Titan the greatest thing to happen to home entertainment since HBO. Meanwhile, its touch-sensitive control pads bring both sensitivity and responsiveness like you’ve never felt before.



The Titan VR Experience combines the power of the Titan with a virtual reality headset to take advantage of the thousands and thousands of hours of interactive virtual reality adult video already available online, as well as all the traditional adult content that can be upgraded by way of its use. A couple of minutes with the Titan, and the way you used to watch adult content online will seem like something out of the middle ages, while the Titan is your ticket to the virtual sex future of your fantasies.

The KIIROO Titan can also connect with other Titan devices over the internet. So if you have a partner with one as well, you can bridge any physical distance by controlling every single vibration they feel through their own, or vice-versa -- presumably, you don't need me to explain these possibilities any further.

If virtual reality sex is a new frontier for you, the Titan VR Experience from KIIROO is the ideal way to explore it for the first time. It comes with everything you need to get started, including the Titan itself and a VR headset that will turn any standard smartphone into a window into the universe of virtual reality. Also included in the $199 purchase price are a bottle of KIIROO Aqua Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant, and a bottle of KIIROO Pure Premium Toy Cleaner, all discreetly (and freely!) shipped to your door.

Virtual reality sex isn't purely a matter of visual immersion. You might not know it if you've ever used an interactive toy like the Titan before, but there are thousands of adult videos out there with synchronized vibrations programmed in, some in 3D and some in 2D. And it's all just waiting for you to experience with the help of the Titan VR Experience.

So, if you're interested in virtual reality sex and interactive adult content, your only real option is to head over to the official KIIROO online store and buy your new Titan VR Experience now.

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