While the future of dentistry features teeth that heal themselves and robot dentists, right now brushing and flossing regularly is the best way to keep your teeth clean. Yet when you're sick, or if you're dealing with a dental infection, keeping your toothbrush clean can be a challenge. The Germ Shield UV Toothbrush Sanitizer will help keep your brush, and your mouth, clean. It's currently nearly half-off, on sale for just $41.95.

Why would a toothbrush have germs in the first place? The short answer is that really a toothbrush is designed to remove certain microorganisms from the ecosystem that is your mouth. The plaque you scrub off your teeth is really a biofilm created by various organisms that were introduced by food, liquids or breathing.

There are plenty of beneficial microbes in your mouth helping you out. Oral health problems begin when that balance is put out of whack, or when a malicious bug gets into the mix, which is where the Germ Shield comes in.

The sanitizer works by using UV-C light. While the sunlight we're exposed to features UV-A and UV-B wavelengths, UV-C is the most energetic. That energy degrades proteins in viruses and microbes, rendering them unable to reproduce and thus unable to infest your toothbrush. Paired with your usual cleanliness routine, it effectively puts an end to 99.99% of microbiota.

Winner of the 2020 Global Innovation Awards for Product Design Excellence, the Germ Shield works with all types of toothbrushes, including electric ones. Just place it in the dock once you're done brushing and it'll get to work cleaning up your brush. It's also designed to be portable, so you can bring it with you on trips or as part of your daily routine.

Keeping your mouth's ecosystem healthy involves care, and the Germ Shield UV Toothbrush Sanitizer can help. Typically it would cost $79, yet right now you can save 46% and keep your mouth cleaner for $41.95.

Prices subject to change.

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