Every time you smile, you're sharing a little slice of happiness with the world — but you're also telling the world the story of your teeth. 

Maybe you had braces as a teenager. Maybe you're a coffee fiend who requires a fresh cup of joe to kick off your day. And maybe, at some point, you tried the whole teeth strip whitening trend years ago, and you just gave up on the whole thing: it just wasn't worth the hassle. 

Sometimes our dental history isn't always that pretty, like the time your wisdom teeth crowded your mouth and shifted a few teeth out of place, or, you know, the coffee finally caught up to you. Effective teeth whitening is life-changing, but it's also expensive—and you can just forget about it if you have sensitive teeth. 

But there is a way to illuminate your smile, light up your confidence and show the world your true shine. All it takes is one word: Snow

Snow's proprietary technology offers the advanced whitening power of a dental office from the comfort of your own home. For as little as nine minutes a day, you'll see illustrious results in a matter of days. Yes, you heard that right: days

Snow is powered by an advanced whitening system that combines whitening wands filled with a proprietary whitening serum with an activating LED light that lifts the years right off your teeth. The LED light features a plug-in phone system that allows you to lighten up wherever you are—just ask Miss Universe 2017, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. 

Demi-Leigh isn't the only global superstar who fell in love with Snow: there's a four-time Super Bowl winner who swears by Snow. "No lie, after the 6th or 7th day, there it was — my teeth were shining," says legendary tight end Rob Gronkowski. "My teeth were whiter." 

Demi-Leigh and Rob are world champions in entirely different professions, but what they share is a love for whiter smiles to share with the world. That's why they and thousands of others have embraced Snow, the best at-home teeth whitening system on the market. Just ask these world champions: they have a certain standard of excellence that only Snow will meet. 

It's not just celebrities who are buzzing about Snow—dentists choose Snow as the finest at-home whitening system out there. 

"This is Dr. Marashi’s pick for a full-on system," writes a Byrdie review. “'It combines a special wavelength of light delivered via the mouthpiece, combined with the whitening gel. The light activates the gel to effectively break down dark colors that are staining your teeth,' he explains. It’s a fan-favorite on Amazon, too, repeatedly pulling in five-star reviewers with customers commenting on how well it works and how it’s worth the price." 

Enhance your smile and make it sublime with the illuminating wonders of Snow. Try a Snow Teeth Whitening Kit today and start lighting up your smile so you can show the world your true shine. Available now at a discount for $129, this exclusive whitening kit includes three whitening wands, original LED lighting technology, and… and extra wand for free! Join this lovely smile club and brighten your smile with a little Snow today.

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