After unveiling a concept model for a new line of autonomous vehicles, Toyota expects to start testing these driverless cars in 2020. Sure, carmakers now seem to be testing their self-driving cars all the time, and governments are paving the way for these trial-runs. Toyota, however, promises that their 2020 autonomous vehicle tests will be different, as these vehicles will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Toyota is supposedly combining their Concept-i cars with an AI called "Yui" — the product of spending billions on a venture capital arm meant for AI development. Yui isn't your typical autonomous driving system. Toyota wants their AI to be able to chat with drivers and get to know them better by using their preferences, emotions, and habits, which Yui builds through deep learning.

Toyota is pushing the boundaries of futuristic transport. Image Credit: Toyota

"By using AI technology, we want to expand and enhance the driving experience, making cars an object of affection again," said Makoto Okabe, general manager of Toyota's EV business planning division, speaking to Reuters.

Yui isn't the only notable development Toyota has in the works for 2020. The Japanese car manufacturer, in partnership with Cartivator Resource Management, is looking to bring a flying car to the Olympic games in Tokyo that year. The company is also planning to test drive their hydrogen powered trucks later this month.

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