In Brief
Tesla's autopilot system has recently been put into bad light as series of incidents were blamed on the advanced system. This time, the system is lauded by a driver after it prevented a car crash.

This hasn’t been the best month for Elon Musk. Three Tesla vehicle crashes occurred in the span of just two weeks, resulting in some bad press for the autonomous vehicle company.

Now though, it looks like things are turning around for Musk. According to one of Musk’s recent tweets, the autonomous features of the Tesla Model S saved someone’s life. The owner of the car, identified only as Larry, was driving last week in Washington, DC with his daughter in the car.

They were about to hit a pedestrian when the car’s collision prevention feature stopped the car even before he hit the brakes. The car stopped just inches from the person. According Musk, the owner’s claims have been verified by an analysis of his car’s records.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 10.03.25 AMIt is unclear if the crash would have been fatal. It is also unknown if the autopilot mode was indeed on during the incident. However, collision avoidance features work even if the autopilot mode is not in use. But one thing’s for sure, Tesla’s advanced safety measures prevented an accident from happening.