This Smartwatch for Seniors Has GPS, WiFi, Cellular Connectivity, And an SOS Button

This is a watch that Inspector Gadget would be proud to wear.

5. 20. 16 by Jelor Gallego
Image by Omate

A new smartwatch is promising something different: Keeping your grandparents safe. The new Wherecom S3, from Omate, was launched on Tuesday. It’s an Android-powered smartwatch with GPS, Wi-Fi, and 3G cellular connectivity, this means that the tech can function without a smartphone.

The watch has the ability to text, call, track paths through GPS, and remind individuals when it’s time to take medication. The S3 also has an emergency alert function in the form of a red SOS button on the side of the watch, which can be pressed in the event of an emergency to send the wearer’s GPS location to specific contacts.

Oh, it can also tell the time.


In addition to this, the smartwatch comes with interchangeable watch straps and up to three days of battery life.


The Omate Wherecom S3 is gearing up for a September launch in Europe for €149. Pricing and availability weren’t announced for the U.S. or Australia, but the European price converts to about £115, $170 or AU$230.

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