The Breakthrough

Researchers have developed ViroCap, a test that can detect any possible virus that can infect people or animals. The test was found to be just as sensitive as a Polymerase Chain Reaction test (used to analyze short DNA and RNA sequences), and it can test for every virus all at once - which a traditional test can't do. Due to ViroCap's sensitivity, it could also detect "variant strains of viruses that are closely related genetically." Results show that ViroCap did 52% better than a typical PCR test.

The Implications

The most important implication is that doctors can now test patients without needing to know exactly what they are looking for. The researchers plan to continue refine and testing the process, and all results will be made public so that other researchers and doctors can assist with its improvement. At present, ViroCap is still a long ways away from widespread use in hospitals

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