Norwegian drone company Griff Aviation has unveiled a new series of manned drones powerful enough to lift people. The Griff 300 is an octocopter weighing in at 75 kg (165 lb) that uses its eight propellors to carry a payload of up to 225 kg (496 lb) for up to 45 minutes of flight-time.

Check out the (rather intense) video below:

The drone is controlled via radio remote control from the ground. Those with the extra cash also have the option of adding a mobile control station, which allows for the drone to be controlled in the first-person view. The drone also has a variety of other add-ons that make it suitable for a number of applications, including search and rescue or firefighting.

Customer satisfaction is the company's top priority, according to Griff Aviation's CEO Leif Johan Holland in an interview with Drone Life:

Our aim is to give our customers an optimal user interface, either controlling a drone from a fixed or a mobile ground station. If the customer wishes, they can use a helicopter cockpit or a captain’s chair, with full view of the map, telemetry, and video feed. We can design, manufacture and install everything.

If the Griff 300 is not impressive enough for you, the company also has plans for another model, the 800, that has a payload capacity of up to 800 kg (1,764 lb). Even higher capacities could be on the way, as well.

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