The upcoming MegaBots battle was just delivered a surprise twist with another giant bot looking to square up in the ring. What was originally a two titan grudge match for the ages now has the potential of becoming a three-way death match rife with black blood and twisted metal.

This new contender hails from Beijing's Greatmetal and goes by the name of Monkey King. This behemoth sets itself apart from the competition with its ability to fight both on all fours and bipedally. Even more, it can wield a staff while fighting on its hind legs.

The Monkey King could go up against the Mk. III from the U.S. or Japan's KURATAS. The original plan was for the American and Japanese bots to square off sometime in August. And, while a three-way melee sounds incredible, it might be more likely that the champion from the planned fight in August would earn the right to go toe-to-toe with royalty in a more tournament-style match.

This could be the start of a brand new sports league combining the brains of robotics with all the muscle of pro-sports. Stay tuned for updates on the exact date and time of the first brawl as well as any more hints as to whether or not the Monkey King will be joining the fray.

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