Every air conditioner figures out how cold to make a home the same way: It takes the temperature with a thermostat, and if it's higher than what you've set as a temperature threshold, it turns on. Yet the thermostat can only measure the temperature either outside or in that exact room. A wide range of factors, including airflow in your home, sun exposure in different rooms, how many people are home, and of course the overall weather adds up to wildly different temperatures from room to room, so your air conditioner isn't getting the full picture. That's expensive for both us and the planet.

The Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller, with over 1200 5 star reviews on Amazon, and its upgraded big brother, the Sensibo Air + Room Sensor, the changes all that. It feeds your air conditioner an enormous range of useful data that makes any AC with a remote control a much smarter unit.

How It Works

The Sensibo replaces the air conditioner's remote control with its own unit. In the Sensibo itself are an infrared blaster to send commands to your window unit, a Wi-Fi unit, and a thermostat. The Room + Air adds Bluetooth to the mix as well.

By locating a thermostat more deeply inside your home, the Sensibo communicates a truer picture of your house's environment. Many homes, especially older ones, are constructed to be naturally cooler than the outdoors, yet most air conditioner thermostats measure the outside temperature. The Sensibo helps it split the difference, and the Room + Air adds a second set of sensors for a fuller picture of your home's climate.

Secondly, the Wi-Fi unit connects your AC to the Sensibo app, replaces your AC's remote control. So now, you've not only got an easier to use remote control, your AC is connected to the internet, and you can control it from anywhere. Upgrading to the Room + Air adds a motion sensor, so room units will only turn on when people are in the room.

Why It Helps

Sure, controlling your AC from anywhere is neat on its own. However, it opens the door to a bunch of useful ways to keep your home cooler while keeping your power bill down, and giving you more control over your unit.

  • Climate React Mode: The Sensibo app and web portal features a programmable Climate React Mode, where you can set variables for when the AC kicks on. This can be just the temperature, just the humidity, or both in a "feels like" setting, so instead of running constantly, it kicks on when you need it.
  • Scheduling: We all have steady patterns in our lives, inside the house and out, and if you'd rather only cool the house when people are in it, or want to kick your AC on an hour before you come home, Sensibo makes it easy to set up schedules at different temperatures. For example, since humidity makes it harder for sweat to evaporate, you can set the air conditioner to just below the dew point during the day to keep the humidity down, and then kick it on an hour before you get home.
  • Geofencing: Of course, sometimes we just forget. It happens. With Sensibo, you can set up geofencing so if you head off and forget to turn off the air conditioner, it'll shut off automatically.

Sweetening the deal is that it works with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, so you can incorporate your air conditioner into your daily routine. And at just $99, it's the perfect way to smarten up your AC.

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