The Fairy Pools (Photographer Unknown: Can you help?) (Source)

Situated below a bright blue sky, with large, billowy clouds scattered throughout, is the Fairy Pools of Scotland — a truly magical place that looks too beautiful to be real. Especially during the spring months, when all the leaves of living plants turn to brilliant pallets of orange and red colors, before fading to brown and blooming anew.

The Fairy Pools of the Isle of Skye in Scotland look warm and welcoming (only one of those adjectives apply) with a series of glens filled with aqua blue pools, each of which, look even more brilliant than the last. All of this culminates once you reach the waterfall, where there is a beautiful natural infinity pool that is safely enclosed within a stone wall.

The Fairy Pools (Photographer Unknown: Can you help?) (Source)

The Fairy Pools are a larger part of the River Brittle, which can be overlooked from the largest mountains of Skye, the formidable Cuillin. The highest point is Sgùrr Alasdair in the Black Cuillins, which extends some 3,255 ft (992 m) Here, wildlife enthusiasts can find a wide assortment of exotic plants and animals, including turnstones, meadow pipits, ringed plovers, herring gulls, grey herons, dunlins and curlews.

The only thing missing is Tinkerbell herself.

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This mini-feature is part of a series, entitled “Earth: The Pale Blue Dot, which explores and highlights some of the most amazing and beautiful natural features mother Earth has to offer.

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