Revolutionizing the Revolution

2016 has been a big year for virtual reality (VR), and it's left consumers wanting more. Not more games or applications, necessarily, but more hardware and developments. Specifically, a way to interact with the VR world more naturally.

In answer to this desire, a Chinese start-up named Dexta Robotics, will be taking VR immersion to the next level with the Dexmo.

The Dexmo is an exoskeleton that captures your hand movements and lets you 'touch' the digital world by stimulating feeling with its cutting-edge variable force feedback and motion capture capabilities. The device offers resistance, making the user's fingers feel as though they're curling around a certain virtual item. The Dexmo is surprisingly lightweight, making it possible for users to roam around with its wireless technology.

"We believe the next big challenge in VR/MR field is interaction," according to Dexta Robotics. "and Dexta Robotics is set to solve that problem."

Changing VR in the years to come

In his conversation with Engadget, Dexta Robotics CEO, Aler Gu, implied that we'll still have to wait for a while before we can lay even one finger on this device—giving no information on its release date and price.

Currently, the company is on the hunt for keen software developers and VR/mixed reality (MR) market leaders who can take their device to further heights.

"Only with proper interaction tools, can practical applications for the VR/MR ecosystem be produced and the potential of VR/MR be fully explored," as the video above states.

Several fields the Dexmo could have practical applications in the future. Dexmo.

Everything's worth the wait though. This device will have promising applications not only in the field of gaming, but also in medicine, education, and training.

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