"Yeah, good luck with that Mark."

Mega Cut

Mark Zuckerberg's social media giant formerly known as Facebook has announced plans to monetize its, uh, work-in-progress Metaverse — and creators are extremely irate at how large a cut the company intends to take.

Earlier in the week, as CNBC reported, Facebook — which has officially rebranded as Meta — announced that it's letting some Horizon Worlds creators sell assets in its Metaverse. Though the company's own blog post about the asset shares didn't list the fees, Meta confirmed to CNBC that in total it'll be extracting a flabbergasting 47.5 percent cut, between the company's own 30 percent hardware platform fee and Horizon World's 17.5 percent fee.

Metaverse Robbery

Unsurprisingly, metaverse creators aren't thrilled by this incredibly high figure.

As one user sardonically tweeted, "the future of work is giving Meta 47.5 percent of your salary, apparently."

"Hey Meta," another quipped, "can I get 47.5 percent of the money you’ve made from selling my data?"

"I'm going to just start referring to Meta as MySpace 2.0," yet another joked.

Check out some of the best, brashest, and most hilarious responses below.

Donations Please

Won't you spare 47.5 percent of your sales to help a needy billionaire?


Thoughts and prayers up.

Hypocrisy Now

Before Taxes

Even in the world of web3, this is absolutely untenable.

Clown Emoji

They said it all.

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