It's like a comic book dream come true.

Hulk Smash

A team of researchers from Université de Sherbrooke in Canada have created a badass, waist-mounted hydraulic arm that's capable of smashing through walls, IEEE Spectrum reports.

A video uploaded by the team shows the robotic arm in action. It can move heavy power tools, paint walls, pick vegetables — and even Hulk smash through drywall.

The robotic arm can be remote controlled by a miniaturized version of the arm operated by a second person standing nearby.

Super Human

The user will not have to carry the weight of the entire machinery on their back thanks to a tether that connects the arm to bulkier machinery nearby. The arm itself weighs about as much as a real human arm.

Lead researcher Catherine Véronneau told IEEE Spectrum that they're planning to have some fun with the robotic arm — once they can return safely to their workplace.

For instance, the team is planning to recreate a hilarious commercial uploaded to YouTube back in 2012 that shows a man dancing, while a similar waist-mounted robotic arm keeps his pint of beer steady on a small platter.

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