What have we become?

A Frigid Welcome

Walmart just announced a new service for people who don't want to — or aren't able to — come to the door to pick up their groceries.

As part of the InHome Delivery service, Walmart employees will be able to enter your home, don a internet-connected camera, and deliver groceries directly to your nasty fridge.

The news comes after Amazon launched a service in 2017 called Amazon Key, which lets its delivery people inside your house to make sure your package isn't snatched up by "porch pirates."

Never at Home

Here's how it works. Customers place an order through their phones, a Walmart associate will do the shopping, a delivery associate will "use smart entry technology and a proprietary, wearable camera" to get into your home, and "through an extensive training program" will know how to locate your fridge.

To get inside, Walmart customers will have a smart device that allows for one-time access remotely. Customers will also be able to review the footage taken by the associates body camera to make sure nothing went awry.

The service will come to three U.S. cities first in the fall: Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Vero Beach in Florida.

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