For $9.99 a month, you’ll get unlimited food deliveries.

Meals on Wheels

A software engineer has found a secret hidden in the code of Uber's Android app — and it could influence your diet.

When Jane Manchun Wong isn't blogging about tech, she likes to dig through the code of popular apps on the hunt for upcoming but unannounced features.

On Tuesday, she tweeted her latest discovery: Uber Eats Pass, a new subscription service that will seemingly provide you with unlimited food deliveries for a flat monthly fee.

Subscription Plan

Uber already offers food delivery through Uber Eats, but users have to pay a delivery fee every time they use the service.

The Uber Eats Pass would replace that with a monthly payment of $9.99, similarly to how Netflix provides subscribers with unlimited content streaming for a flat fee.

Free-ish Delivery

Uber wouldn't be the first company to offer a food delivery subscription service — Postmates has an Unlimited option and DoorDash offers DashPass. Both of those cost $9.99 per month and require a minimum order of $15.

Presumably Uber Eats Pass would also require users to meet a minimum order total. But for now, Uber is keeping mum on the details of the service.

In fact, the company has yet to confirm the existence of the Uber Eats Pass — despite the code, all a spokesperson would tell TechCrunch is that Uber is "always thinking about new ways to enhance the Eats experience."

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