Pure cringe.

Take That

It may not be the best deal out there as far as conventional EV specs go — but at least, thanks to its unusual exoskeleton of thick stainless steel, Tesla's new Cybertruck is pretty tough.

Since it can withstand a barrage of bullets, it shouldn't come as a surprise that it has no problem resisting four guys trying their darndest to dent the truck's metal exterior.

That's exactly what "Carwow" YouTuber and automotive journalist Mat Watson and his buddies tried out in a recent video titled "Why I'm buying a Cybertruck!"

The team of four didn't get very far, with their feeble attempts being thwarted by the stainless steel's rigidity. In fact, Watson was the one who took a beating in the end, complaining of a pulled muscle after his foot got caught on top of the vehicle's considerably tall hood.

As to why a truck needs to be able to resist a grown adult man kicking it, though?We have absolutely no idea.

Still Kicking

Watson's awkward attempts to kick the stainless steel monstrosity drew mockery on Tesla CEO Elon Musk's Truth Social alternative X.

"This is like a 'Tim and Eric' sketch," Business Insider columnist and podcaster Ed Zitron noted, referring to the cult Adult Swim TV show.

Beyond appreciating the vehicle's strong exterior, Watson pointed out some nagging pain points of the already controversial vehicle. For one, the driver's rear visibility is restricted by the pickup's bed cover, forcing owners to rely on a camera — which, unlike Tesla's competitors, doesn't have a sensor cleaning nozzle.

Watson also noted the unyielding design of the truck's front end, which could easily hurt pedestrians in a frontal collision. The topic has sparked a debate about road safety, with EU regulators already saying that the truck won't be available in Europe, in part for that reason.

On the upside, the journalist pointed out the truck's unusual steer-by-wire feature, lively handling, and blistering acceleration.

Despite the drawbacks, Watson has already ordered a truck for himself. But whether he'll be able to take it back to the UK with him remains to be seen.

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