"More like Cyberstuck!"

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It's been just under two weeks since Tesla CEO Elon Musk awkwardly took the stage to show off the company's long-awaited Cybertruck.

And while many customers are still eagerly waiting to get their hands on the extremely expensive electric pickup, we're still not entirely convinced it's as off-road capable as Tesla claims.

In a video making its rounds on Reddit, a Cybertruck with a Christmas tree loaded in its bed can be seen struggling to climb a small but snowy hill, with its tires helplessly spinning out as the driver hits the accelerator. The nearly 7,000-pound truck can be seen slowly being towed up the hill by a white Ford, which is providing assistance from a dirt track at the top of the hill.

In short, it's not exactly a great look for a truck that's meant to have "more utility than a truck," as Musk promised on stage last month. Sure, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds — but what's the use of a truck that can't even clear a simple hill?

Skill Issue

Of course, it's not clear whether the Cybertruck's struggles are more of a design issue or a skill issue with its driver.

But it's not the first time we've seen a Cybertruck struggling to climb a small hill. Early last month, a separate video showed a pre-production vehicle struggling to drive up a dirt hill.

Naturally, Reddit had a field day with the latest video.

"More like Cyberstuck!" one commenter wrote.

"Every video I see of these not at a convention are of them failing in the wild," another user added.

A  photo showing a separate angle of what appears to be the same Cybertruck being towed by a white truck up a different hill made its rounds on the Cybertruck subreddit, garnering a strikingly different reaction.

"Everyone needs a tow sometimes," one user wrote.

In his post sharing the image and the video of the snow rescue, Instagram user Matt Chambers recalled that the truck had to be recovered after "sliding off trail."

"No clue how he was so far off trail," Chambers wrote. "No lockers due to software issues, not aired down, no pickup points, no recovery points!"

"Credit to my buddies who went there Sunday and happened to be the ones who rescued him," he added.

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