"Things are going to break."

Burning Both Ends

The power grid in Texas is not doing okay. Crypto mining rigs shut down earlier this week to prevent blackouts and price hikes, and now, experts are worried the state's power plants won't be able to keep up with energy demands.

On Friday, Bloomberg reported that Texas plants are running nonstop and skipping out on some maintenance and repairs to keep from shutting down. As temperatures soar above 100 degrees, the plants are basically stretched to their limit and aren't getting the service they need to remain safe, functional and consistent.

"Things are going to break," executive director of Texas Competitive Power Advocates Michele Richmond told the pub. "We have an aging fleet that’s being run harder than it’s ever been run."

Supply and Demand

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, has asked residents to conserve energy twice now in only three days. Local news outlet KXAN reported earlier this week that ERCOT's pleas were heard, because grid demand suddenly dropped by about as much energy required to power 100,000 homes.

Still, it probably isn't enough to prevent the kinds of breakdowns and issues Richmond warned about.

Bright Side

Thinking about Texas' power grid is enough to give anybody heartburn, but there are solutions available to the state, if they'll invest the time and energy into their development.

Surely in 2022 we can find some reasonable, implementable solutions to keep Texans from dying of heat stroke.

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