Cybertruck owners can't catch a break.

Wipe Out

Tesla has canceled several Cybertruck deliveries, with users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum citing a safety issue affecting the pickup's gigantic windshield wiper.

The divisive truck sports an enormous windshield, forcing the EV maker to get creative with the wiper.

The company came up with a hilariously floppy stalk that measures a whopping 62 inches in length — the wiper blade alone measures 50 inches — requiring a beefy motor to keep it in motion.

Given many reports of that motor failing, though, the current hardware is seemingly not up to snuff, adding to an already lengthy list of technical issues plaguing customers who've spent up to $100,000 on the truck.

Truck Yourself

As Electrek reports, the unusual design has already turned out to be a headache for many Cybertruck owners. In the publication's review of the truck, the wiper had a mind of its own, and often stayed "down as a resting position rather than up."

Now, several users on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum are reporting that their deliveries have been postponed by at least a week.

"Apparently a new safety issue was discovered with the windshield wiper motor," one user wrote.

While it may sound like a small detail, the wiper serves an incredibly important function.

"Had to sit in a Dunkin Donuts for 3.5 hours and call Tesla roadside assistance because I couldn’t see," one user recalled after it started heavily raining. "They took it to the [service center] and said it would be a few weeks before the wiper motor could be replaced."

Tesla has yet to publicly comment on the matter and it's unclear how widespread the issue is or if a recall will be issued.

But it wouldn't be the first. The company has already had to recall all of the Cybertrucks it had ever sold in April over a glaring design flaw that could cause the pickup's accelerator pedal to get stuck.

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