Wait... what!?

Droopy Wiper

We appear to have gotten a peek at one of the biggest mysteries plaguing car culture today: the single massive windshield wiper blade on Tesla's Cybertruck, the end of which is seemingly made from a floppy, rubber-like material.

In other words, it may not be composed of multiple standard-issue wiper blades after all, as suspected by The Verge for months now.

Limited Reach

The wiper of Tesla's brutalist pickup EV has been the subject of much speculation for over a year now. Ever since the internet first spotted early prototypes with a gargantuan wiper bolted to the left side of its equally massive windshield, it has ruthlessly mocked the design for being not only quirky — but questionably effective as well.

The specs alone are baffling. It's just under four feet long, and as Carwow's Mat Watson found out firsthand in a recent video, the end is wiggly. Just under a minute into the video, Watson picks up the wiper, revealing that the tip of the wiper blade lifelessly droops down.

It's an interesting design choice, especially considering the wiper has been given a big job.

"It's the biggest piece of automotive piece of glass on the market," Tesla's VP of vehicle engineering Lars Moravy told Top Gear in a video last week. "It's actually pretty big even for architectural glass."

As a result, Tesla had to come up with the "biggest truck wiper," according to Moravy, to keep any precipitation or dirt from the glass for visibility.

Official pictures shared by the EV maker confirm that the wiper is only able to reach a small portion of the glass, meaning that the passenger side will likely remain dirty while on the road.

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