Finally: a Cybertruck that doesn't get stuck in the snow.

Snow Doubt

Spiritually, the unwieldy and stupidly heavy Tesla Cybertruck may be more akin to a tank than your typical SUV. Throw some treads onto one, and you may be onto something.

Lo and behold, that's pretty much what a team of mechanics did. The monstrosity of a machine comes courtesy of the YouTube channel Sparks Motors, run by the titular trio behind the reality TV show "Diesel Brothers," which recently showed off its modded Cybertruck with four really, really big snow tracks — which are basically small tank treads designed to give vehicles next-level performance in the snow.

All together, the mods make it look like some off-world APC, and based on some early — and very brief — footage that the mechanics released, the beefed up EV will tackle whatever cold climates it comes up against.

Heaven knows it needed some help with that. Despite Tesla's claim that the Cybertruck is "durable and rugged enough to go anywhere," the SUV soon garnered a comical reputation for getting stuck in the snow after its over-ambitious drivers kept trying to prove that their stainless steel coffins were capable winter work horses. Maybe they should've called the Diesel Brothers before doing some cold weather off-roading.

On the Right Tracks

Sparks Motors' solution isn't exactly a practical one, but makes for one hell of a statement — or an even greater eyesore, depending on where you stand on the Cybertruck's controversial design. Nevertheless, the added snow tracks give the vehicle a couple feet of clearance off the ground and a considerably wider stature. Rounding out its appearance as a ridiculous truck, it's also equipped with a huge light bar.

To accommodate the tracks, the mechanics bolstered the Cybertruck's suspension system with a custom support structure. That's a much-needed addition, because the SUV's most powerful option weighs a beastly 6,800 pounds, which is about 2,000 pounds more than a four-door F-150 pickup truck.

Still, even with the added reinforcement, the Cybertruck's fancy steering may be a nagging issue. As one of the Diesel Brothers admitted in an Instagram update, a rod in the rear steering system had broken in half during a recent test. But it sounds like the team has since ironed out the flaws, even getting some help from Tesla along the way, they claimed.

All told, the footage shared ahead of the release of Sparks Motors' full YouTube video undoubtedly looks impressive — though we suspect its battery life may paint a less thrilling picture.

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