"I'll call Elon. He'll get you out."

Snow Trouble

Tesla touts that its Cybertruck is "durable and rugged enough to go anywhere" on its website, but apparently snow may be its kryptonite after numerous online videos and pictures have showed the electric vehicle getting stuck in typical wintery conditions.

An Instagram user posted a video of a Cybertruck slipping and getting stuck in about four inches of snow in an unspecified location. A man in the video quips, referring to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, at the Cybertruck driver, "I'll call Elon. He'll get you out."

X users reposted the video on the platform, prompting a round of derision from the peanut gallery.

"There's literally a sedan like thirty feet ahead of it that made it all the way to a parking space," joked podcaster and journalist Robert Evans.

This "is not a lot of snow," another X user wrote. If "you lived in the Buffalo-Niagara region, you would not be able to go the store and buy milk between December and March, if you drove a Cybertruck."

In another X post, a user posted a picture of a stuck Cybertruck getting towed through snow in the vacation spot of Lake Tahoe, which is in California and Nevada.

"Another storm, another CyberTruck needing a rescue," they wrote. "It's like finding a leprechaun that's constantly getting stuck in a glue trap."

And back in December, a TikTok video also showed a stuck Cybertruck being pulled up by a sports utility vehicle on a slight incline of snow and ice.

Rocky Roads

All this content showing its performance in real-world conditions doesn't bode well for a vehicle that's being hyped as the next big thing in the lucrative consumer truck sector.

But some online commentators have come to the Cybertruck's rescue by pointing out that the cars being shown didn't have snow tires or snow chains, and it getting stuck may be due to over inflating the tires or driver error.

Regardless, the news doesn't come at a good time for Tesla's Cybertruck, which has had to contend with range and quality control issues, in addition to numerous delays and production problems.

Perhaps the issues with the Cybertruck and Tesla are emblematic of a problem at the top: Musk is too distracted by his many companies, including the social media platform X, to run Tesla properly — and that's without getting into the drug allegations.

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