It's not looking great.


While we still don't know exactly how the mileage of Tesla's Cybertruck will perform over time, early tests for the handful that the company finally delivered aren't looking all too promising.

YouTube account Out of Specs rented a Cybertruck and took it for an extended spin, livestreaming the ordeal over five hours.

Their finding: the pickup covered a measly 254 miles on the highway, falling far short of the truck's EPA-rated range of 320 miles — and that doesn't bode well, considering Tesla has already had to make some significant compromises, especially when it comes to price.

Out of Spec

For one, the massive 6,600-pound truck needs an additional battery pack that takes up most of the bed of its truck to get anywhere close to the 500-mile range that Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised on stage during the truck's unveiling back in 2019.

And that's for the top trim level that Tesla's started to deliver to customers. A less powerful entry-level trim that will go for $60,990 will have an even more meager 250-mile range — if it ever makes it into production sometime next year, that is.

Of course, Out of Specs' end result has to be taken with a grain of salt. For one, there are plenty of other environmental factors to consider, like weather, tires, or what features were being used that may have eaten into the pickup's considerable 123 kilowatt-hour reserves. The truck was driving on a highway at a relatively chilly temperature of just 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nonetheless, even at colder temperatures, which are all too common in many parts of the country, you'd probably expect such a hyped $100,000 EV to go a little further.

"Absolutely horrid," one Cybertruck Owners Club forum user commented.

Rivian's R1T has an EPA range of 314 miles, with Reddit users reporting real-world figures of just under 300 miles. Ford's F-150 Lighting impressed as well, covering well over 300 miles on a single charge in a real-world test.

In short, we'll reserve judgment until more people have had the chance to drive a Cybertruck until its battery pack is depleted. But given what we've seen so far, it's not looking great.

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