"You saved my life. My boyfriend looked hideous."

Haircut Needed

In the age of coronavirus, we're left to our own devices when it comes to styling, grooming, or cutting hair.

The leaves an opening for entrepreneurs, who've created a site that pairs you "with a world-class barber" to "get your hair through these hard times," as the descriptively-named website YouProbablyNeedaHaircut.com puts it.

"You know, pajama bottoms are fine and everything, but I need my face to be presentable," explains TV personality, chef, and business owner Josh Elkin in an explainer video. "I got livestreams, video chats, cooking videos to make. That's where YourProbablyNeedaHaircut.com comes in."

Snip Cut

Barbers — and their clientele — around the world have been advised to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak. That means businesses are empty, with those working in the service industry relying on emergency government grants and unemployment insurance.

The new website therefore tries to allow some of these people to recoup their losses. A "quick cut" of 20 minutes will cost you $18 — definitely less than your average barber visit. A "not-so-quick cut" at 45 minutes costs $30.


And the results are looking pretty good already.

"You saved my life," reads a testimony by a woman from West Hollywood. "My boyfriend looked hideous."

To make most of the service, you'll first have to "find or buy your best pair of haircutting scissors or razor" before booking an appointment.

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