They're making bank on unfounded 5G paranoia.

5G Shield

Scammers are capitalizing on unfounded fears that 5G signals cause health problems — and are selling a $350 gadget they claim protects users.

The 5GBioShield, BBC News reports, is actually just a six-dollar, 128MB flash drive with a sticker on it. And while it seems like laughably bogus, the product has gained traction and even been recommended by the Town Council in Glastonbury, England.

Selling Nonsense

One member of Glastonbury's 5G Advisory Committee, Toby Hall, claimed without evidence that the glorified USB drive somehow blocked 5G signals using quantum technology, The Verge reports.

Hall wrote in a government report that those signals can increase suicide rates, spread the coronavirus, and make birds fall out of the sky dead. But there's no evidence whatsoever that 5G signals cause those or any other adverse health effects.

Government Crackdown

Officials in London recently took steps to get a court order against the manufacturers of the 5GBioShield, a company called BioShield Distribution.

"We consider it to be a scam," Stephen Knight, operations director for London Trading Standards told BBC News. "People who are vulnerable need protection from this kind of unscrupulous trading."

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