Early versions of Samsung's folding phones are breaking. But they're still going on sale later this month.

Glitches and Bulges

Just days into testing of Samsung's new futuristic folding smartphone, tech reviewers found their test units glitching and even growing bulges under the display. But Samsung isn't fazed by the issues: the Galaxy Fold is officially still going on sale on April 26, according to Wall Street Journal tech journalist Joanna Stern. It's still unclear if Samsung will take further actions regarding the glitches.


The statement received by tech journalists stated that Samsung will "thoroughly inspect these [affected] units in person to determine the cause of the matter."

Some reviewers attempted to remove a thin film they thought was a screen protector. Now, Samsung says that peeling off the layer "may cause damage," adding that the company "will ensure this information is clearly delivered" to customers in the future.

The Korean tech giant has previously advertised the Galaxy Fold to "outlast 200,000 folds and unfolds" prior to release. Time will tell if Samsung's strategy to tell people not to remove a protective film off of their new $1980 smartphones will work out in the company's favor.

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