"Authorities want to control everything that happens online, even dating."

From Russia With Love

Russian Tinder users hoping to find true love — or at least a hot date — on the app may soon have to explain their actions to the government.

On Friday, the nation added Tinder to its "organizers of information dissemination" list, according to Roskomsvobod, an organization designed to counter internet censorship.

Russian law requires companies on the list to store users' data for six months, turning it over to the government upon request. In the case of Tinder, that means potentially handing over users' X-rated conversations and pics — signaling perhaps the most invasive development in Russia's ongoing effort to exert more control over citizens' online lives.

Power Play

In May, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill designed to help the government create its own national internet — not entirely unlike China's — for the alleged purpose of countering international cyber warfare.

The nation hasn't explicitly stated how it expects to benefit from access to Russian Tinder users' potentially explicit communications, but according to Roskomsvobod representative Alexander Isavnin, the scrutiny of Russian Tinder users is likely all about exerting control over citizens.

"Authorities want to control everything that happens online, even dating," he told Business Insider. "It’s like in Soviet times."

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