It's also got built-in night vision, comms and more.


The Russian state-owned military developer Rostec says that its next generation of combat armor will be able to withstand a direct shot from a .50 caliber bullet.

The armor, which will be the fourth generation of Rostec's Sotnik, or Centurion, battle armor, is expected to become the most futuristic set of infantry gear out there, Task & Purpose reports, though it's not clear when it will be ready for action. Regardless, the Russian military's ever-improving battle suit systems are a sign that military technology is rapidly progressing toward the goal of giving soldiers seemingly-superhuman capabilities in combat.

Swiss Army Suit

For now, we know a lot more about the third-generation Rostec suit, which can survive 7.62mm rounds and comes equipped with night vision, a water filter, an internal communication system, and other high tech gear.

But Samuel Bendett, a Russian military expert at the Center for Naval Analyses told Task & Purpose that Russia is "totally serious" about living up to its bold promises for the fourth generation of Sotnik armor.

Arms Race

Compared to Russia, the United States military's attempts to build high-tech battle armor have lagged way behind.

The U.S. Army has been working for years to develop robotic exoskeletons that enhance soldiers' physical capabilities, but Task & Purpose reports that they're not nearly as advanced — or thoroughly tested — as what Russia has been able to build.

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