Season's Yeetings!

Season's Yeetings

Courtesy of YouTube channel BPS Space, we get to watch a rocket-powered Christmas tree soar to an altitude of almost 300 feet — an appropriate metaphor, perhaps, for many of us cancelling plans to see loved ones over the holidays.

The ragtag group of engineers, many of whom are working in the aerospace industry, strapped a seven foot tree to a four-winged structure. A small solid-fuel rocket engine allowed the tree to take off into the sky over the Mojave desert in California — truly a beautiful sight to behold, and a fitting sendoff for an anxiety-laden 2021.

Tree Falling

The folks behind BPS Space did hit some snags along the way.

"The thing with amateur rocketry is that it's amateur rocketry," rocketeer Joe Barnard said in the video. "Sometimes  things don't work on the first try and sometimes they don't work on the second try and sometimes they don't work on the third try."

But on the fourth attempt, everything went almost perfectly according to plan. The LED-filled tannenbaum rocketed into the air, sending some fake presents attached to its base spinning.

The team is also auctioning off "Season's Yeetings" Christmas ornaments that made it into the air while attached to the tree in January to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The launch is a fitting bookend for the year 2022. We can only hope that next year's Christmas season will be all the merrier.

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