Keep it away from me.

Do a Backflip

Tencent Robotics X Lab, a subsidiary of Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent, has unveiled a terrifying new "novel wheel-legged robot" called Ollie that can drive around on two wheels-wielding, leg-like appendages, as IEEE Spectrum reports.

Thanks to plenty of muscle power and a creepy tail, Ollie can jump a good foot in the air — and even do a backflip while jumping over a gap, as evidenced in a new video.

Fetch Me My Coffee

Thanks to its extremely flexible extremities, it can right itself, drive down a step of stairs — and stay upright even when its makers throw all kinds of abuse at it.

It's all quite reminiscent of US-based robot maker Boston Dynamics, who has on numerous occasions shown off the athletic prowess of its robotic offspring.

Apart from backflipping over a crevasse, Ollie may soon be running errands for its masters thanks to a really long robotic arm attached to the top. The arm turns Ollie into the perfect coffee delivery robot, as suggested in the promotional video.

The robot is still very much in development and won't be hitting markets any time soon. Until then, we'll have to make do with Boston Dynamics' four-legged robot dog Spot Mini — that is, if you have $75,000 to spare.

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