Players think they're downloading a way to cheat the game.


A new ransomware attack making the rounds specifically targets Fortnite players, threating to delete files on their computers until they pay the hijackers in cryptocurrency.

The ransomware, Syrk, comes disguised as software to cheat at Fortnite, according to CoinDesk, an admittedly clever way to explain away why it can't be found on legitimate app stores. Though easily countered, the new ransomware illustrates how hackers continue to adapt as new opportunities to make a buck arise.

Big Dud

The ransomware was first spotted by the cybersecurity firm Cyren, which shared two relatively simple ways to unlock an infected computer. Syrk threatens to delete entire folders of data off of people's computers, culminating with the "documents" folder, every two hours unless the ransom is paid.

But Cyren demonstrated that it only takes rudimentary technical savvy to find the ransomware's passwords, which are automatically stored on the infected computer.

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