Reports describe an environment in which workers repeatedly left drugs out in the open.


Enigmatic entrepreneur Elon Musk apologized to SpaceX employees after he puffed a joint on-air with Joe Rogan, claiming in a mass email that "SpaceX maintains a drug free workplace."

But according to a cache of police reports obtained by government transparency group PlainSite, the Nevada "Gigafactory" operated by Tesla — Musk's other venture — is anything but drug-free.

Tesla Drugs

The reports, obtained from police in Storey County, Nevada, describe an environment in which workers repeatedly left drugs out in the open.

One report, titled "Possible Heroin," describes a "brown square" found on the floor of a Tesla restroom. Another tells of a "small pouch," found near a workstation, filled with a white powder that tested positive for cocaine. Another recounts an incident involving a bag containing methamphetamine and a pipe, also found in a restroom.

Not all the reports are related to narcotics. One disturbing report describes how a commercial truck pulled out of the Tesla facility and hit a horse, injuring it so badly that the officer had to kill the animal with a shotgun.


Let's be clear: Tesla employs tens of thousands of workers, so it's statistically reasonable that a handful would run into trouble with the law.

Still, the newly released documents aren't the first signs that Tesla has had trouble with drugs — last year, a former Tesla employee alleged that the electric carmaker failed to disclose a federal investigation into a drug-trafficking operation at the same Nevada factory.

Tesla didn't reply to a request for comment. We'll update if they get back.

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