Not the smartest move.


It's a bird! It's a plane! And also, a jetpack!

Local channel ABC7 reported that a pilot readying to land a plane at the giant, uber busy Los Angeles International Airport spotted someone flying a jetpack just about 15 miles away. The Federal Aviation Administration said it happened about 3 pm in the afternoon.

Even worse, the pub said it's not the first time this has happened, and that a jet pack has previously been spotted flying near LAX. We're sure it doesn't take a ton of imagination to daydream about what might happen if a jetpack gets too close to a landing plane, helicopter or other important piece of dangerous airport or air traffic control equipment.

The ABC7 report also said it's illegal to fly any type of drone near the airport, although it's not clear if a jetpack counts — we just know it's a bad idea.

Danger Zone

There's no doubt jetpacks have made great advancements just this year. David Mayman of JetPack Aviation has introduced military-grade speeders and jetpacks intended for emergency measures, but he also teaches civilian flight in his jetpacks as well.

We're not saying any individual inventor was the person zooming around LAX, but rather that as the vehicles become more popular it's likely we'll see more of them. Just as the FAA had to introduce safety measures and regulations around drones as their popularity increased, it's hard to imagine it won't be the same for jetpacks soon.

Otherwise some unlucky pilot might just get sucked up into a jet engine and kill themselves, and a bunch other people.

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