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Physicists Just Teleported Quantum Information Inside a Diamond

byKristin Houser
6. 28. 19
Victor Tangermann

The achievement could shape how we share and store sensitive information in the future.

Diamonds Are Forever

Researchers have teleported quantum information across cities and even into space.

Now, a team from Japan’s Yokohama National University has managed something no one has ever done before. They teleported quantum information within a diamond — an achievement that could shape how we share and store sensitive information in the future.

Spooky Action

The sci-fi version of “teleportation” typically involves taking some thing in one place and instantly having it show up in another. Quantum teleportation is a little different as it involves taking information from one place and recreating it in another.

This is possible thanks to quantum entanglement, the strange connection that can exist between particles.


When particles are entangled, we can look at one and know things about the other, even if they’re separated by a great distance. Do something to one particle, and the other will reflect the action.

Quantum Teleportation

For their study, which was published in the journal Communications Physics on Friday, the Japanese researchers manipulated an electron and a carbon isotope inside a diamond defect known as a nitrogen-vacancy center.

To do this, they built an oscillating magnetic field around the diamond, then used microwave and radio waves to entangle the electron and the carbon atom’s nucleus.

After the researchers had the electron absorb a photon holding quantum information, they saw the photon’s polarization state transferred to the carbon — meaning they had successfully transported the quantum information.


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